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Today a discussion on Discord about NFTs and environmental impact respectfully erupted into a situation XKCD portrays well:

Well, it turns out I was the wrong someone on the internet.

My hypothesis was that CO₂ emissions of cryptoassets are much lower than a large US tech company like Apple when adjusted by market capitalisation¹.

To work this out I decided to compare Bitcoin with Apple and Microsoft. While Ethereum is more relevant to NFTs, reports on ETH carbon emissions are scarce and tended to be proportional to Bitcoin anyway.

At the end of 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) had a market cap…

While doing some diagnostic work today to determine changes within a big directory of code across two versions, I wanted to remove the noise to see only the modified files in a git diff. After a quick search around, I found myself in the Git documentation scrolling through command options.

And there I found it, a flag --diff-filter.

To diff some changes but only show modified files, use

git diff --diff-filter=M

Or to just remove added and deleted files, to keep changes like rename or unmerged, the lowercase works as an inverted filter; a == !A.

git diff --diff-filter=ad

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Today marks some personal progress on responsible use of technology. After making plans over a year ago, I’ve finally broken ground on replacing the invasive Google Analytics from my personal website and side projects.

Does that mean no analytics at all? No, it’s a valuable part of the stack. From experience, I get a lot of drive knowing how much traffic projects reach, when someone links to me, or whether a user stumbles into a script error.

It’s also an important development tool. As a developer, I’m accessing deployments from a handful of locations, usually with high internet speeds and…

I was introduced to a fascinating text-based adventure game this week. Built upon OpenAI, AI Dungeon 2 drops you into a totally freeform adventure that you navigate using written verbal actions or speech. A “custom” option even allows you to create your own starting prompt.

Let me share my full first playthrough. I found the AI’s responses, while sometimes a bit off the mark, ridiculously clever.

You’re a hacker on a ship about to jump to warp speed. Your mission is to stop that ship jumping to warp speed and allow your superiors to board and commandeer that ship. …

ffconf 2019: A powerful theme of ownership

This November was my fourth ffconf. The schedule was remarkably well thought out, keeping complementary talks one after another and moving between topics after breaks. As a result, it’s the first ffconf I’ve found that I can remember each talk, speaker, and title from memory. Usually my overwhelmed mind jumbles points from some talks as being raised in others. Comprehension++

A theme that permeated the conference talks, in my view, was one of ownership: owning your ailments and values to better connect with others, make industry; owning the intangible product of the programming…

Photo credit Katariina Jarvinen

Developing across the stack can be a challenging role. There’s an expectation here to be the expert at everything, where in fact, knowing when to admit defeat can be the key to success. The ability to rapidly develop a fit-for-purpose solution as generalists beats a specialist team — at least early on.

I fell into full stack development when I joined the tech startup scene with Affio. My wake up call was when StackMob, a platform-as-a-service we relied on, got acquired and shut down by PayPal. We were approaching launch, so I did the unthinkable and rewrote the parts of…

The (lack of) evolution in the Macbook product line has bitterly disappointed me, so I went out looking for comparable alternatives. It wasn’t the first time I’d found myself in this position and unsurprisingly the results weren’t all that different. There’s bizarrely limited direct competition to the Macbook.

My searches led me to the Lenovo Yoga and Asus Zenbook series, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, these still have that limited-lifespan-feel of a Windows laptop. I like to commit to a disaster-free 5 years of portable computing power.

The next idea was to progress to a tablet with wireless…

Working from BioLAB in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Just back on home turf from four months of travel with no intention of stopping — next stop, France — my wife and I have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle after piloting the idea on our honeymoon. And reassuringly my appetite for doing some team-based work has come back strong, which for me means searching for a freelance contract.

This usually means scouring job boards and company websites, contacting former colleagues, clients, agents — networking. …

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